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It’s simple: happier employees mean a happier, more productive workplace. Meet your center through one of our many team-oriented mindfulness training options.

Mindfulness has been shown to boost employees’ productivity, reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen resilience, ultimately reducing productivity losses to burnout, depression, and anxiety.

studio BE serves companies, non-profits, and individuals. We teach both in-person and online, offering down-to-earth, expertly-crafted training modules to executives, management, and their teams.
It’s a win-win.


A regular mindfulness practice can change your life, your work, and your relationships. But meditation doesn’t have to look like long hours on a cushion. studio BE will teach you how to build mindful moments into your everyday grind. The result?

Increased Productivity

When they’re feeling better, listening more, and working seamlessly, your team gets more done. Easy.

Better Health

Tune in to your body and your mind, and watch your well-being skyrocket.

Less Drama

Apply ancient teachings to your day-to-day challenges and notice how much easier it is to wrangle your emotions and respond in a peaceful, wholehearted way.

Improved Focus

Move through the world with better concentration, increased resilience and fewer distractions.

Our Programs

studio BE is proud to offer several easy ways for you to dive into mindfulness. Our programs are designed with flexibility in mind. We offer on-site, virtual, and e-learning options, including customized learning opportunities designed to suit your particular needs.

Team Members

Ask any young professional: the exhausting pace, relentless demands, and nonstop stresses of 21st-century corporate culture have taken their toll. Burnout, depression, and anxiety are at all-time highs. Mindfulness training is a fresh, forward-thinking solution to this modern workplace malaise. Take a look. Your employees will thank you.

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These days, mindfulness is more popular than ever — and for good reason. In addition to cultural demands and skyrocketing media attention, we also have science on our side. Our methods are rooted in traditional Buddhist practices, which have been scientifically-tested, embraced, and implemented by major US companies. From CEOs to call center workers, we can all benefit. Here’s how.

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We brought Jennifer and studio BE in to teach our team how to thoughtfully respond in times of high stress and use mindfulness techniques to foster creative problem solving in their work. The experience was transformative.

Elizabeth Graham COO – Riggs Asset Management Company